Friday, June 10, 2005

Updated the......................................


For those who are curious!! Although I haven't posted my meals that I'm making tomorrow, maybe later.

Have a great morning!! Today I want to accomplish, washing out the fridge, and getting two loads done (FRIDAY means, sheets and towels, I also have a small load of kiddie sized blankies to wash, so I guess I'll end up with three loads or so.) I also will bake a loaf of bread to enjoy with supper (unfortunately I have no idea what that will be, maybe a breakfast night tonight!!LOL I had to use a couple of meals in one night so as to have enough to feed Bill, he switched shifts before I could go grocery shopping again!!LOL) I also would like to give the inside of the cupboards a wipe down and I need to re-arrange my counters to make room for my bread machine!!
Busy Kitchen day, today and tomorrow!! :)

I will try to pop back on later this afternoon, a mama needs to take a coffee break!!

God Bless!!!

Oh dear, I totally missed your tag Debbie!!LOL Sure I'm game if anyone wants to play!! Do y'all remember the rules?? Here's a refresher: ANY question, although I will delete anything that vulgar or poor in taste. can post your name OR post anonymous, doesn't matter can post a minimum of 3 questions and a maximum of 20 (YIKES!!!)
4. On Sunday night I will compile all the Q's and put them in a post with all my answers!!! your questions in this thread's comment section.



Anonymous said...

1. where would you go for your dream holiday?

2. why do you feel strongly about vaccinating your children?(opening a can of worms)

3.tell us about your dream house.(where is it and tell us all about the set up)

4. if a girl wanted to get you something for your birthday, what would she get you?(he, he)

alright that is all I have right now, can I ask more later?
I am not signing my name. ;)

Veronica said...

I can't believe I am finally getting to post this! This makes 3 times trying! lol The phone rang once, the kids needed me another time and now I can!!! YAY

Just stopping in to say hello and I hope you have a great weekend!