Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Well, my baby sister turns 20 today!!!! OMGoodness!! I can't believe it, I honestly remember helping change her diapers and snuggling her on the couch, I remember when my Dad called me (I was staying at our neighbors) from the hospital to tell me she had been born, I remember him taking me up to the hospital to see her and I had brought my favorite Cabbage Patch Kid outfit and it fit her, I remember my parents trying to decide what to name her (Bambi or Kandie) I begged them not to call her Bambi, I said let's call her Kandie because she's so sweet like Candy, so it was decided she would be named Kandie Aleena instead of Bambi Aleena (hey, my Mom was going to call me Talina Faline *shudders*)I remember her infectious giggle when I would blow on her tummy and when she had Gastro and I was right beside her reading to her so my mom could sleep, I remember her second Christmas when she got Teddy Ruxpin from Santa and the look on her face when he began to talk to her!!
Now here she is with a baby of her own growing in her tummy AND after I talked to her this morning to wish her a happy birthday....she tells me that Brad (babies daddy) took her out to a steak dinner and got down on one knee and proposed to her last night!!!!*clapping hands* YAY!!!!! They're getting married!!!!!
So now, my baby sister has a fiance AND a baby on the way.............awwwwwww!!!!
I needed some good news like that!!!

Yesterday and today I have been just taking it easy, lot's going on so I'm in no rush.
Have to book two appointments for the boy's today, one for Robbie and to get in for audiology assesment and one for Alex to be seen my our family dr. I'm not going to say much about Alex until I know for sure.
Well, I suppose I should get motivated, I'm lacking in the motivation department!!LOL
Of course I just put the little girl I look after down for a nap and my yardwork guy's just started................grrrrrrrr!! Guess who's yelling now?!!?!?!?
*sigh* I just have to remember to BE.NICE.

Have a blessed Tuesday!!


Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday! to your sister.