Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Is it Friday???

Okay, somebody seriously needs to create a way to have coffee pumped into your body ALL DAY, without consuming it or creating nasty side effects!!LOL I am SO TIRED!!! This is crazy, I could fall asleep in a nano second!

Anyways, what a nice week we had. I have some pics of our day at the lake from Friday (we went again!!LOL) Kerri sent me a pic of the one pic we took from last year.....WOW!! How do you they grow so quickly?!?!?

Yesterday we went to the ZOO!!! It was just Bill and I with the kids, Auntie Shellie and Uncle Rob weren't able to make it. But we had a good time, the kids had a blast seeing all the animals. Especially the monkeys!!! Unfortunately we don't have a camera, so I don't have any pics. (and of course I forgot to grab a disposable one!!LOL)

We packed a picnic lunch and then got Ice cream cones from Dairy Queen on the way home. It was one of those days where you wish you could live it over and over again!!!

Guess who's gonna be an AUNTIE!!!!! ME!!ME!!ME!! Yup, my baby sister is preggo!!!!
She hasn't been to the docs yet (just found out on Saturday) but I figured her EDD should be around April 1st-5th, thereabouts!!! HURRAY!!! My mom doesn't know yet, because unfortunately she's on another binge (binge number two since the Rehab back in Januaury) I'm hoping they'll move out closer to us. She lives with the Daddy, they've been dating for a couple yrs. I know what they're up against, being that they're young, not married (YET!!!) and about to have a baby, but they'll be fine!!!
Besides, I'll be right there to kick their rear-ends if they don't!!!ROFL!!!!
I will be praying for her and Brad and my niece/nephew daily, God will protect them! A baby is blessing and a gift, I firmly believe that!!!

Of course it is a nice relief to have some good news, since this month is rough for the both us. It'll be the 10 year anniversary since our Dad committed suicide (Aug.21st'95), so it's tough.
Other important dates for this month:
Aug.9th: Kandie's 20th birthday!!!
Aug.17th:Bill and Penny's 9th wedding anniversary!!!
August 31st: would've been mine and Kandie's Dad's 56th Birthday!!!

Well, I will post the photo's here and then add them to the 'photo album' after!!

Have a great Tuesday and God bless!!!