Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Nothing much to report yet. I just talked to Brad around 6pm MST and the docs aren't too sure what they want to do. They're waiting for blood tests to come back, I guess then they'll make a decision.
During the US they couldn't find her appendix, which has led them to believe that it may have burst if this is the root of her pain...ARGH!!! The big sister in me in fired up!!! They couldn't find my appendix either, and the technician that was doing my US kept telling me to stop crying....grrrr!!! When they finally did get my appendix out, the surgeon later told me it was the size of his hand and covered in green pus. (sorry TMI, I know) if you the size of a regular appendix (think about the size of your pinky) and mine had blown to the same proportion as a fully grown man's hand length and width and yet it was nowhere to be seen on the sono...well....you'd know why I'm so terrified.

I'm really not enjoying sitting waiting around to hear news about someone and their appendix every year before Christmas......Alex last year.....ugh!

Alright, I'm going to go and try to call someone's cell and see if they have it on and if I can find out more. If not I may have to phone that flaming hospital and 'calmly' inquire about my baby sister!!! ;o)

Please continue to pray, I'll be as soon as I know more.