Thursday, January 5, 2006


Well,I had a few minutes to spruce things up around here! I've added a link to join my Yahoo! group, it's just something I thought I might try to keep family/friends/cyber sisters up-to-date. If you would like to join, just click on the link and I will approve/not approve your request *grin*

We're all hanging in there. Still my emotions get the better of me and catch me off guard. Same with my sister. Brad has gone up north for work for the next couple of weeks, so she's feeling a little lonely. Bill has taken her to help her get her puppy today, so that is exciting!! She's adopting him from the S.P.C.A He's a 9mo old rottie/sheppard cross and is just a sweetie. His name is Rio!!

Bill injured his back at work the day of the funeral (the 27th) and there has been so much red tape with his work/drs/Workers comp, it's disgusting. So here we sit waiting for the workers comp money to come so I can, you know, pay some bills and uh, buy some food. I'm so mad at Bill's work it takes everything from me not to phone them and just yell for five minutes.

My mother is on yet another binge....*sigh* I guess she felt strong enough to hold on until after my sister moved down here to my end of the city.

Well, I must get my butt off of here, I've been on a little longer than I intended!!! ;o)

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She has awesome information that you will LOVE, I promise!!!!!

PLease keep us all in your prayers, so much going on..............

Have a blessed Friday!!


Veronica said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby hurting his back. Back in 96 Brent got hurt on his job and we had to wait 2 months on comp. I hope things go smoother for you than it did for us. Good luck and I will be praying for you guys.