Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Prayer

I wanted this one to be ontop of the other post so it would be seen first.

Dear God,

One month ago today you allowed a special blessing to emerge from his Mama. You allowed a Mama and Daddy experience a birth for the first time. Although you took this precious blessing home before we all had the chance to get to know him. We are still sad and we still cry, but we're at peace. We thank you for the little bit of time you did allow Hunter, and the special time you gave his Mama with him. We thank you for the lessons and legacy his little life left in our hearts forever.

I often think of Hunter, what could've been how it should've been. He would've been one month old today, this day should've been marked in his baby journal, but instead we will just spend the day remembering him and what he taught us. So Lord, I ask of you for today, please give us all some peace and comfort knowing that baby Hunter is safe and warm snuggled in your arms. Please give us strength and courage like baby Hunter showed us. Please lead us from the thoughts of anger and allow our hearts to fill with your love. Please give Kandie and Brad the strength and the comfort they need to go on. PLease cover them with your love and flood them with your comfort.

For today, please hug all your children, be it one or fifteen, a little tighter. For today, please read them that extra story. Be patient, even if you have to listen to the same story that your three year old is telling you. Life is to precious and fragile, don't waste it being angry or frustrated!!

Have a blessed day everyone and hugs and kisses and love to you my precious nephew, Auntie still has tears falling for you!!!



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CJ Willis said...

I have so much to share with you dear sister in Christ...We too have a precious angel in heaven. She was born at 25wks. weighing only 1pound. She gave a good fight and gave us soo much joy in her little 49hours than most people get in a lifetime. 2 1/2 yrs ago, at 22wks, my water broke & 3 wks later the took her by section. There's not a day that goes by I don't think about her little face, I smell her sweet scent so often and oh how I long to hold her. I'm so thankful to God that HE held us in the palm of His Loving hands thru it all & allowed me to live for my other children & now He is holding my precious little Celeste Grace.
I have to go for now, but I so want you to know that I WILL pray for you dear sister... There is much more to my story, I can't tell you how many lives were saved for eternity because of her.... but I must get dinner for my family right now.
I know your sorrow and I praise our Lord for the good He had planned for this in your life... I know He promises this in Romans 8:28.
God Bless you dear.