Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy friday!!!!

You know it's interesting....the kids have been off 'school' this week for spring break and they have been a wreck!! They have been more whiney and foul and the only thing I can really think of is the lost routine!! Sooooo, we have about 6wks left of school until summer holidays, but I'm thinking I'm going to keep some sort of 'school' routine going for them during those L-O-N-G two months off. Maybe, turn our summer into an un-schooling time, filled with science and cooking and outdoor adventures, so this is what I'll be up to over the next few weeks!!!Designing an un-schooling program for the summer (which I would LOVE to do all year round, but that isn't going to happen at this point in time!!)Today we all made yarn dolls, I will post some pics in my Flickr of them. The kids really enjoyed this and they decided to have a jammie morning, so that is why they are all still in PJ's!!LOL

I'm getting better (thanks for asking Scooby!!, glad you made it by!!) now I only get hit with a nasty bout of morning sickness when I get tired, so as long as I try to go to bed at a decent time, I do pretty good!! Oh, that reminds me, I should be taking a belly pic here!!LOL I am aiming at doing that every four weeks or so, I've never done that before with my other pregnancies because we didn't have a digital camera!! Exactly one week until my first drs appt!!! I am excited, can you tell?!?!?LOL

No final word yet in regards to Bill and some sort of decision, I am trying VERY hard not to start freaking out, but he's been not working since the 3rd, which means NO money coming in and it's coming to that time of the month where companies would like to have the bills paid and the house payment needs to be made!!! I just keep telling myself to trust the Lord and kep on praying, it always works out one way or another!!(still scary though!!!!)

Hmmmm, what else........oh!! I managed to score a big box of craft goodies off of FreeCycle!!! Hurray!!! Won't be picking up until Monday though, I was wondering how I was going to replenish our craft box, and theres my answer!!!

Oh and I also wanted to welcome some of my new readers, thank you so much for the emails!! I am so happy you find my blog a blessing!!
Have a blessed weekend and hopefully you all have nice warm spring weather where you are!!(it's supposed to rain tomorrow here!!)


Misty said...

Hi Penny!

I love your FLickr pictures. Your children are so cute! E-mail me your snail mail address.