Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Check out my super cute graphic that MISTY bought me, it's on the top right hand side of my blog!!! Isn't it adorable?!?!? I love it, thank you very much Misty!!! Love ya girl!!!

Well, after an interesting early Sunday morning, I now know that there is only ONE little bean growing in my belly!! I know, hard to believe, isn't it?!?!

I ended up having some spotting very early Sunday morning (around 1:30am) and I panicked!! As some of you know (and I know many of you do not) I actually had a miscarriage Feb.15th, another one. I also had one back in early August. I was terrified history was repeating itself and told Bill we needed to get to the ER ASAP.
Praise the Lord it wasn't bright red and I had no cramps, but I was terrified, nonetheless. After we arrived and the nurse got over her shock that this was my sixth baby (or as was written down, my eigth pregnancy) I finally got into a room and sat and waited for almost 3 hours. Thankfully, because I wasn't spotting heavily, I was alright with the wait. However, it was a VERY long three hours!!

Finally just after 6am, the doctor came in. By that point that spotting had basically stopped so he opted not to check my cervix and just do an ultrasound with their little portable ultrasoud machine. I was absolutely terrified of what might not be there, but lo and behold there was a perfectly formed little one jumping around like crazy!!! Baby was all over the place, the little turkey kept moving everytime the doc tried to get a good look at the heartbeat!! Finally baby was still enough and there was a perfect little heart beating away!! YEAH!!! That was the best thing I could've ever seen, I cried and cried with joy and relief.
Soooo, there is just one little one in there, praise the Lord it is an alive baby that measures consistently (as best as he could tell, he's not trained in radiology, just knows to look for a viable pregnancy)with what my dates are. He said it looked as though what he would expect for a 10wk fetus, which makes me happy because I was 9w4d at that point!!

Although, we have no idea what in the world is causing the spotting, but his theory is that because I conceived right after a miscarriage my cervix might just be overly sensitive and is reacting to any 'force' I may exert whether it be a sneeze or a cough. I have my official first appt with my family doctor on Friday, and I'm sure she'll want to send me for a complete ultrasound ASAP and she'll be able to check my cervix and maybe be able to pinpoint if in fact that IS where the bleeding is orginating from. Although anything can change, I'm in a much less risk catagory for another miscarriage now that we have seen a good size-for-dates baby and a heartbeat. It's just frustrating not knowing why the heck I keep spotting!!
If you feel led to pray, please pray for this little blessing. I'm already SOOO in love with this little bean and I can't imagine losing another one or having to explain to the children that there won't be a baby brother or sister here with us for Christmas....I just can't.

Thank you so much and have a blessed Wednesday!!!


Misty said...


I am so happy to hear everything is OK with the baby. How scary that must have been for you.

As far as your graphic, that is a sig tag and it's little eyes should be opening and closing. What happened??

Audrey said...

Penny...I was really hoping it was twins. I was anxciously waiting for the 28th which is when I thought you said you had your first appointment. OH, well at least I can stop wondering now and go on with my life...LOL J.K. I pray your pregnancy is a wonderful happy experience and that all goes well.