Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Vent!

This is just a vent post!
So our landlords came by to hand us a letter notifying that due to the fact that our lawn is deplorable condition they will be increasing our rent by $250.oo if we do not rectify it, by this Saturday. Now, we KNOW the lawns hasn't been mowed yet and we have not had the cash to put towards buying some flowers and weed killer or a weed whacker or a mower. I tried to tell them that my husband was just awaiting a settlement payment from his disability and they cut me off saying that there were NO excuses!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!! The thing is it's this gosh darn neighbor of ours that continually feels it necessary to call and tattle on us to the landlords!!! This neighbor was just out last weekend doing his lawn and was actually vacuuming under his pine tree!!! SHHEEESH I'm sorry buddy, but you're not gonna catch me vacuuming my yard!! I have no problem with people who are lawn/garden enthusiasts, but you simply cannot expect EVERYONE to be the same way!!! I had actually just finished telling Bill that I wanted him to get some stuff and we were discussing what to do with the front flowerbed, I mean the grass in the front isn't even over and inch and a half!!! Yes, there are a few dandelions in the front, 6 that I counted. The area behind the house in the alley is terrible with dandelions, but they just took over this past week!!! AAARGH!!!!

Oh, well this weekend it will all be taken care of...this big preggo woman will ensure that there is a BEAUTIFUL array of fake flowers in the front flower bed....lovely HUGE brightly colored flowers especially for my anal retentive neighbor!!! I tell you, there is this small not-so-Christian part of me that truly wants to take over handfuls of dandelions that are still seeds an blow them all over his yard just before his sprinkler system kicks in at night!!!

Well, I feel somewhat better...thanks for letting me vent!!!
God bless!!!


S'te said...

You know, IF you blew dandelions in this yard it would give him something to do and then he wouldn't have nearly as much time to tattle on you!!