Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pics have been uploaded!!!

Just click on the FLICKR badge and go check them out!!

I really should be doing laundry, but oh how I missed my beloved computer!!!LOL

We had a really good time and I'm so proud at how well the kids did with the drive, it took us nine hours to get there, and about the same to get home. The construction was crazy out on the highway, but we survived, at least you get to look out your window and see a beautiful scenery!!!LOL

The condo was great and the girls had a great time having a sleepover with each other every night!! we didn't end up going swimming, the pool at the resort was just to deep for ALL the kids to enjoy unless I could've had two adults in the pool with me and the timing never worked out between golf games and visiting!!LOl We went on lot's of walks around the resort and met a lot of nice people, mostly friends of Bill's mom and dad (they live on the resort as well) we enjoyed MANY ice cream cones and had a lot of fun at the park. We took a drive into town and had lunch at Arby's and then went for a drive across the floating bridge, the kids thought this was REALLY neat!! our lake here where we live is going to seem so small compared to the lakes we saw!!!

But, now it's back to normal, or close to it anyways. mariah came down with a cold a few days before we left and her sleep got all messed up and then of course with the time change and a different bed and sleeping arrangements, it got even more messed up and so now she doesn't want to got to bed!!! last night she was up until 1am!!! I have tried everything I know of, nothing is working.......grrrrrrr!!!
I go for my big ultrasound on friday!!! I'm so excited!!! i will post pics of that as soon as I can, I will also be posting another belly pic sometime this week....can you believe I'm, almost 20weeks!!!??? neither can I, halfway done!!!WOW!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!


Sarah said...

Welcome back Penny, I'm glad you had a great vacation!