Thursday, July 20, 2006

A true inspiration

Busy busy busy, I swear that is all I say!!LOL

Anyways, in one of my online birth clubs, a lady posted a link to this site:

The Shape of a Mother what a breath of fresh air!!! These are the REAL women who are out there!! I truly believe it's time we celebrated the woman's body who has birthed a child and has the marks or rather badges of honour to show for it. Be proud of your stretch marks and hanging bellies, be proud of what your body has accomplished!!! It's taken me to be pregnant with my sixth baby to be able to proudly show off my stretch marks and not be ashamed of my belly. This site has inspired me to show off my belly not only during pregnancy (which I will right up until I give birth!!) I will also show postpartum pics as well!!

It should be interesting and it will be a huge leap for me, as I NEVER show my belly after I've had a baby!!!

Have a blessed Thursday!!!