Tuesday, July 25, 2006


just a few seconds to post, right in the middle of lunch for the kiddo's!!

thank you for all the comments...I LOVE comments!!!!

I know I keep saying that I will post some summer menu's and I'm so sorry I haven't yet. Everytime I think I have a few to get on here, something happens, somebody gets sick or has a major catastrophe...(you know: "he's breathing on me!!", "she touched my foot", "he's sitting in my spot")Right now we have had some major family issues happening and I have been so occupied with all of that. Just so as not to worry, everything is working out and I will post about it when the time is right, it's just been a whirlwind of turmoil!!And quite frankly it resembles a Soap Opera!!!

I'm so glad a lot of you are signing up for the 9/11 tribute...I know I feel so good to offer something, even tho small, in light of such a tragic time.

Well, back to getting the food ready!! Have a blessed day!!!