Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's almost here!!!!

My appointment is at 2pm MST, so I will try very hard to update when I get back...however, sometimes the techs won't tell me a darn thing and I have to wait until either my dr appt or hope that she calls!! So, we'll see!~

Today I have been trying very hard to keep my self occupied, so I started my Fall cleaning a bit earlier than usual. Today I attacked the kitchen, pulled out the fridge and vacuumed and washed all behind there. Cleaned and scrubbed the inside of the fridge, then I washed down all the cupboards on the outside and I'll do the inside in a little bit. Next will be the appliances and then the floor, oh yeah, I also scrubbed the wood chairs and the table down as well!!LOL I think sometime in the next couple of days it will be the dining room/living room who'll get it next. I am hoping to rent a carpet cleaner and do the carpets and the couches, then all the curtains will come down and get tossed in the wash and while they're cleaning, I'll hopefully get the inside of the windows done!

tomorrow after my ultrasound it's off to the grocery store and while I'm there, I have to get the kid's school supplies...They're soooooo excited!! I have to admit, I'm pretty excited as well, am I a weirdo, or what?!?! Then next week, our curriculum will be arriving...I can't wait to see our reading lists and all the fun stuff we'll be doing this year!!!

Well, back to work!!LOL Have a blessed Thursday!!!