Friday, August 11, 2006

More rambling thoughts.....

Alright, so I will admit that I have not seen the front page of the Babytalk mag that has sparked some (LOL!!) controversary...HOWEVER...anyone who knows me whether it is in real life or just in cyber land KNOWS that I am VERY....VERY...PRO breastfeeding......AND....I also truly and immensly support Nursing In Public. I will feed my child ANYWHERE at ANYTIME and if you don't like it and find my breasts, that are NOURISHING my child offensive...then it is YOU who should be ashamed of themselves, NOT ME!!!!! It is sick that people out there find a woman FEEDING her child in public by using her breasts, repulsive and yet, we can be bombarded EVERYDAY with women half dressed in skimpy clothes with her breasts practically FALLING out of her shirt, appealing?!?!?!!?BLECH!!!!! It totally irks me to no end!!!

Anyways, I do have a point to all this slight ranting, I was over at WET FEET and in light of her AWESOME post, I decided to join in!!
So, here is my OWN pic of me feeding Kayla when she was only about 15min old. I couldn't find the pic of me feeding Mariah, so this will have to do!!


I will proudly nurse my baby WHEREVER and WHENEVER he needs to be feed, and if you don't like it....BITE ME!!!!!