Sunday, August 6, 2006

Thoughts and ramblings

Not too much to report on from the homefront. Things have been pretty 'sucky' around here and I am just trying to keep my spirits up.
In light of this, I went to Toys R Us with Kerri on Wednesday night and had a wonderful time with her. I actually registered there at babies R Us, that is soooo much fun!!! If you want to take a peek at what my heart is hankering for (LOL!!!) my registry Number is: # 352429394. I felt so cool walking around with the scanner thingy!! Not that I'm having a baby shower (I went for the free goodies and samples!!) I miss baby showers, I LOVE having a big group of women together laughing and chatting and eating and celebrating a new blessing, but I guess etiquette says that baby showers are only acceptable for first time mommy's and possibly, 'sometimes' second, no showering here!! Darn it all anyways, who doesn't love a good round of shower games?!?!?!No? Okay, so I guess I'm the only one!!

My little monkeyman can reach my ribs now and doesn't hesitate to remind me quite often!! I had an appointment on the 28th, all is well, scheduled my Ultrasound for the 1st of September, my weight was right on target (124lbs, gained 24lbs so far as of that date) BP was 105/65, baby's little heartbeat was 145. That's all!! I can't wait to see him again at the next ultrasound!!!

Um, took the kiddo's over to the park tonight and that's about it so far this weekend!! I did take some pics, so I will post them when I get around to uploading them...haha!! Well, tomorrow is a holiday day here, Civic Day, I think?!?!?! So, nothing special planned here!!LOL

Have a blessed rest of your weekend!!


Sarah said...

Hi Penny! Glad you're doing well.. in my circle of friends we have baby showers for every new blessing and I too love the gatherings. "etiquette schmetiquette!"