Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Better Today

Ah, as the saying goes...There's always tomorrow!!! (or the next day.....)

Everyone still feels like crap, including me. At least there's DVD's and tea to help keep the mood somewhat tolerable. I'm currently waiting for my washer to come!!!YIPPEE!!! I'm sooooooo excited, actually, truth be told, I'm most excited about acquiring my hallway back!!!LOL I have never had a laundry back-up this bad before, even when the kids have had a tummy bug!!!

Not much else to report on today, in case you were concerned, I don't have any bald patches on my scalp, although that could change once I've dyed my hair this evening!!!LOL I've played with the idea of going back to my natural color for simplicity, however, I kind of like life as a blonde....a light blonde, not the dirty blonde God had originally blessed me with. It's like it gives me the freedom to be a ditz sometimes and get away with it!!! If I trip in the grocery store, I truly believe most on-lookers fully expected me to do that. I can play dumb (as the stereo-type implies) or I can be a smart blonde!!! I always spark a joke somewhere from the depths of someone's brain, and since blonde jokes have been around for a few years, I actually KNOW the answers and thus become the 'smart' blonde!!LOL (on a side note: these jokes have also helped me to learn that I shouldn't use white out on my computer screen!!!LOL)

So, after practically 16yrs of being blonde, I think I will continue to be a blonde, oh, and I guess my hair should match!!!

Have a blessed day!!!