Monday, September 25, 2006

Can I please take a mulligan on today?

I'm done, this day sucks!!

It all started at 2am when our bed broke, I'm sick and the kids are sick. They are grumpy. Mariah had two accidents last night and I have blisters on my hands from wringing out bedsheets and waterproof mattress pads, having had to wash them in the bathtub. They couldn't get our washer delivered until next Tuesday at Sears....NEXT. TUESDAY. Not acceptable, so Bill is off today to find a place that sell us a washer ASAP. Oh yeah, did I mention the kids are sick and grumpy?!?!?! I have 10 loads of laundry piled up and more to come. School was a joke today and I gave up on it for today. Mariah emptied out the box of laundry detergent from in the bathroom all over her head and body. (praise the Lord she didn't get it in her eyes!!!)They are now having a bath and I had to re-vaccuum the hallway (I cleaned and organized/rearranged mine and Bill's room yesterday) My backyard looks like the city dump, because I have been cleaning out like a mad woman, we also scored a sectional couch off of FREECYCLE , so the two old couches we had are sitting out back...I can hardly wait for the nosey-neighbour to put in a complaint about that!!! *sigh* Alex is out back trying to help me out by organizing the garbage bags, but because of the one bag of pop cans, there is now a swarm of crazed wasps buzzing around, so he is out there flinging his arms and running around like a banshee....but will he give up...oh NO!!!! Today is one of those days that I wish I could crawl into bed and pull the covers HIGH up over my head and go to sleep and pretend that the world does not exist!!!!

However, that is not about to happen!!!LOL I must keep pressing on and face the rest of the day...stuffy nosed, droopy eyed and sore headed and I may possibly have a few bald patches on my head from ripping out my hair!!!!

Sandra: we use a virtual school and it's available throughout the world (our 'teacher' has a student in Argentina!!) the website is Golden Hills Virtual School We use the complete home program, no classes at the school or on the computer. I really wish I could use Sonlight, but it doesn't cover Canadian History or other topics that need to be covered to meet our school system's criteria. HAPPY ~belated~ BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

Well, back to the's got to be Triaminic time BY NOW!!!!!!
God bless!!