Friday, October 13, 2006


Nothing much to report...other than checking in on my blog, I noticed that my baby ticker is on the last square...THE.LAST.SQUARE. This is it, the last 3 weeks (I think I'll be going in on the weekend of the 4th or 5th of November.....I think I have a better chance of roping someone (Auntie Shellie?!?!?!?!) in on the weekend than during the week.LOL!!!
I still feel really good, although I have at least 1-2 whopper contractions every hour, they are pretty strong, but they don't seem to go any further or get anymore intense. I see my doctor on Monday and then every Monday until I deliver, I'll be able to find out what is going on in there at my next appointment because she wants to check me. I'm figuring where I'm usually at this stage in the game (I'll be 36weeks on Monday)1-2cm dilated and 50-75% effaced, but we'll see!!! I could be thick and closed or 4cm...who knows?!?!?!LOL As long as I can make it through the next few weeks feeling like this, I'm good!!!

Alyssa and I are going to be working on the menu this weekend, she is my right hand in the kitchen so I thought it only fair she have a say in what we make. Especially come November when I'll be a little more dependent on her. (it never fails, baby always wants to nurse as soon as you have dropped the pasta in to boil!!LOL)
We have some new paper we'll be using, I will scan them after we're done!!

Well, have a blessed Friday!!!