Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Another rough day

At least it's just with the kids. I don't know what is up with them today, they are miserable and fighting with each other and with me. Ah well, school is almost over (it's lunchtime right now) and then EVERYONE is going to go and have quiet time on their beds....enough is ENOUGH!!!LOL

I've had two whopper contractions this morning (nobody get your hopes up, this is normal!!!ROFL) which has reminded me of how intense the real ones are.....and just how close I am to the big day!!! I know Matthew has dropped a bit deeper because the top half of my right thigh is numb, happens everytime with each pregnancy at 34-35wks, depending on which way baby is laying determines which leg gets numb, Mariah was really bad on the left side....!!!

Well, back to the books and arguing!!! Have a blessed day!!


Rebekah said...

Hello, dear friend!!! I've been gone a long time it seems as you're already about to deliver!! I'm praying that my cycles will return soon as I ache for another child. Please keep in touch, dear sister!!