Monday, October 9, 2006


Is your mouth watering????

Hope your day was as yummy as mine!!!

So, we didn't end up with the houseful that I planned/hoped for. bummer. 1 out of the 6 people who were intent on coming showed up. Each had various reasons, some of which were understandable and others unacceptable, but it was their loss because WE had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!!!

I have plenty of Turkey left over for soup and sandwiches and supper tonight was simple and easy (toasted turkey sandwiches and the rest of the food leftover) so that worked out well.

I did nothing today, I spent the last couple of days cleaning and preparing, so I took the day off. We stayed in our jammies and snuggled on the couch and watched the Crash Test Mommy Marathon on Life network!!!! To finish up the evening, we're going to enjoy, yet more pumpkin pie and icecream and coolwhip and then everyone is going to have a nice warm bath, so we're all fresh faced for school in the morning!!!

I uploaded a few pics into the Flickr for you all to enjoy!!!
Have a blessed evening!!!


Sandra said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you...or what's left of the day. It sounds like you guys had a yummy feast! I love the pic Alex took of you. He did a great job! Pregnancy just suits you so well. You look great! I remember at 34 to 35 weeks along with my Alex (and the three girls before him), I was MISERABLE! I resembled a swollen beach whale more than anything else and was just past ready for that child to be born. He was laying on my sciatic nerve, which made walking extremely painful. Thankfully, my dr. induced me at 37 weeks. It won't be long for you now.

Cathy said...

Hi there!

I was searching, and I found your blog. I was on the first season of Crash Test Mommy. I was pregnant with my 4th baby at the time. Now we have 5. Gilbert Gamboa was our crash test mommy. He did a great job. I wonder if you watched our episode. season 1 episode 4.

I really would love to have 6 kids too. Hubby is not too keene on the idea though.

Best of luck to you.