Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Tuesday!!!

On here bright and early today!!!

Couple of pics to share, first one is one I took from our front window yesterday morning. Not too bad compared to other's, but it's a white dusting none-the-less!!LOL
It's also supposed to snow the whole week leading up to halloween, good thing the kid's costumes will either fit under or over thier snowsuits!!LOL
*had to remove the snow pic to make room in my flickr!!!*
And of course, gotta throw in a belly pic!!LOL This was last night so pardon my jammies!!LOL I was 36w0d yesterday!!

A 36w0d belly pic!!

Well, time to start the day!! It's still cool outside and there is still some flakes falling here and there, so I think I need to make a big mug of tea!!(I'm looking forward to being able to drink my coffee again, right now it gives me nasty heartburn!!!BLECH!!)

Oh and don't forget to go log in your guess for Matthew's b-day over at:
Expect Net
On the upper left hand corner of the site there is a place to log in, it says INVITED GUESTS. Our password is: familyguess Type it in just like that, no spaces and all lower case!! You can even be annonymous!!LOL

Have a blessed day!!