Monday, October 30, 2006

A new week........

If I could turn off my hormonal irrationality it would go much better!!!LOL
Whoa, it's amazing how you not only forget the pain of childbirth, but a lot of the aspects of pregnancy that go with it. I have been an emotional wreck the past couple of days. I can and will cry (sob in hysterics) over the littlest thing, and then at the drop of a dime I can laugh! I am also in full fledged panic mode as well. I still do not have a car seat for Matthew and my mother seems to be the least concerned about it. I have a feeling that she thinks she will just bring it up to the hospital after I've had him. However, I would much rather already have the base installed and have it all ready for Matthew (I have one of those zipper pouch thingy's that goes inside) instead of poor Bill having to be in the hospital parking lot setting it all up and removing paper packaging and reading instructions, whilst Matthew and I are waiting!! Does that seem irrational? I dunno, but it had me in tears on Saturday. I could technically go into labour any day now, and to not have anything to bring him home in is REALLY freaking me out. The one that I got off freecycle was in an obvious car accident and the base is not usable, however I know that the infant seats can be used without the base....but do I really want to take the chance?!?! UGH!!! I really hate relying on my mother sometimes. She had told back in July that I didn't have to worry about a car seat (because I had told what I had gotten off of Freecycle) and so I haven't, but now I am starting to get anxious, I'm sure it has something to do with nesting and wanting to have everything in order.

I'm going out on Wednesday night with Kerri (she's braving a public siting with the human Yeti!!) to get diapers and a few other things, so I'll feel better then too.

Also, is it really rational to be teary because Superstore is out of girls treat bags? Or that my shirts no longer cover my entire belly? I'm trying hard to relax and enjoy what is most likely the last couple of days of this pregnancy and except for my now regular (every 8-10min) contractions, I feel pretty darn good!!!

As for other things that happened during the weekend.........
Robbie has now officially joined the 'big kid' crew because after much hard work:

Hard at work, wiggling and twisting

We have a new BIG KID in the house..............

The very first lost tooth!!!!!

HURRAY!!!! Congratulations Robbie!!!!

On Friday I noticed that Kayla's hair looked a little shorter on one side. Upon careful inspection, I discovered that she has cut a good chunk of her hair off!!!! Then on Saturday, I noticed that it was a little shorter on the other side! Good grief, so I had to give Kayla a new haircut, and it kills me because her hair was getting so long and had perfect little ringlets!!! Ah well, I guess it's just hair and it will grow back. She also cut a bit off of Mariah's as well, but thankfully it's not as noticeable.

The length of hair I had to cut...........

The length of hair that needed to be cut

The new style!!!

The new 'do

At a different angle....

A better look at her new haircut

Oh and also, if you need me....I will be dusting off a nice little spot on a shelf to place my WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR award. Why will I be accepting this award???? Because even though Robbie lost his tooth on Saturday, the tooth fairy did not come. OK, so once is MAYBE allowed, BUT, she also did not come last night either.....*sigh*....yes I am very upset with myself over this. His very first tooth, and I forget TWO nights in a row...*hanging head in shame*.
The weather has been horrible the last couple of nights, actual snowstorms!!! So we are blaming the poor weather on the tooth fairy's failure to show.

Sorry for the venting, whining, pity party post. Back to trying to finish up some school modules with the kids so we can have a day of activities tomorrow!! Next pics Will be our halloween day!!!!

Have a blessed Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Awww, Kayla's new haircut is adorable!! Too bad you didn't have a choice in the matter, but at least it turned out so cute!! And, wow, does Robbie ever look like Alex in that first picture!! Congrats to him on his passage into "big-kid-dom"!

Hang in there, girlie!! Everything is going to work out okay!! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!!

Sandra said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing an awesome job! The tooth fairy has been pretty forgetful around here with my 3rd dd. I hate myself everytime, but just about everytime she has lost a tooth, I have forgotten...sometimes twice, too. Also speaking of my 3rd dd, Katie, when she was 3, she cut her hair too. Only she cut it in such a way that I couldn't even fix it, I had to take her to a professional and all they could do was give her a buzz cut...yes, a buzzcut. Her hair was no more than a1/4 inch all over!(Before it had been below her shoulders) Bless her heart, she either looked like a boy or like a kid with cancer. I cried and cried...but eventually, it did grow back and it didn't seem to bother her a bit. The look on Kayla's face in the first pic. reminded me of Katie back then. haha. did a GREAT job on the haircut! Try to get as much rest as you can these last few days. I'm sure you're probably laughing as you read that. Five and one on the way and she tells me to rest...HA! LOL. I'll still be praying for ya:)

Multi-tasking Mom said...

Awww (((HUGS))) I can totally relate to the emotions, although at times, I react by being totally apathetic about certain things.

I understand the carseat worries. I wanted the straps and seatbelts adjusted so we can just pop the baby in and pop it into the base. Last month I freaked out on DH because he hadn't brought it up from the basement so I could wash and adjust everything. He just didn't understand, he figured he could pull it out the day he picks us up from the hospital. duh.

Our tooth fairy forgot last week too!

Multi-tasking Mom said...

BTW, I love the new haircut! I'm sure it will be much easier for her.