Friday, November 17, 2006


Matthew James Arthur
born:November 15th, 2006 at 2:36am
weight:7lbs 5ozs
length:20 inches

He's here!!!!
Sorry it took me a bit to post, it's been hectic and I've been a little sore!!LOL
We came home Wednesday afternoon and have been just enjoying being altogether. Matthew is a sweetie and I'm head over heals in love with him, as is the rest of the house. He certainly has not been neglected, that's for sure!!LOL He is a nursing champion and apparently missed the memo that he CAN sleep and that he won't miss much!!LOL
I will post a better birth story as soon as I can, but here's the quick version.
We got the call shortly before 7pm to go in on the 14th. They broke my water after administering a bit of pitocin (my cervix had barely moved) at around 11pm. I began pushing at about 2:20am (real pushes anyways....)and he was born at 2:36am!!! There were a few 'complications' Matthew decided to stay sunny side up right up until he began crowning and then decided to rotate, which ended up making his shoulder get stuck, so we needed a little help from the vacuum, not only that, he has the biggest head out of them all (all of my others were 32-33cm around and Matthew's was 36cm!!)

The best part of it all and I am so proud of myself, I laboured and delivered without a drop of pain medication!!!! No epidural or anything!!!Like I said, I will post a better more detailed version as soon as I am able, it was the most 'exciting' birth I've ever had, next to Kayla's!!

Until then, I will be uploading more pictures in the Flickr tonight from today for you to enjoy!!

Thank you again for all your prayers and love!!
Have a blessed Friday!!


Sandra said...

A beautiful name for a beautiful little man! I love that picture at the top of your blog with all the children! That is awesome and amazing that you had no pain meds or epidural!

Anonymous said...

You just need a few more to fill in the gaps in that picture at the top of your blog! ;)

He's beautiful, Penny! Congratulations again, and ((((HUGS)))) all around!!


Rebekah said...

I loved the short version so I'm anxiously awaiting the longer one! Sounds like my delivery with "Sunnyside-up Sarah!" Except that I wanted pain meds but it was too late for them to give me any! Oh well!! I'm so happy for you all!!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!! I love you!!!

noelle said...

Yeah for you! I've had my last 2 with no pain meds and it was really incredible!

I love the picture at the top. So beautiful...and boobie feeding?! ROFL!!!

Can't wait for the long version.


mamatrav said...

Congrats on a wonderful birth experience. He is absolutely gorgeous.

Misty said...

Congratulations Penny! I had a homebirth with Grace and I WANT an epidural with this one! LOL! Wish I could be there to hold Matthew.

Veronica said...

Congratulations! I love the pic, he is adorable. But I knew he would be, all of your children are cuties! :)

Sandra said...

Happy one week birthday Matthew! I'm sure you are pretty tired these days, but hope all of you are doing well.

Multi-tasking Mom said...

Congratulations again! I love the photo of all of your kids! I can't wait to see more of Matthew.