Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just popping in in to say HI!! ~HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!~

Just thought I would drop in and say hello! We are all doing alright. Matthew is such a sweetheart and I have just been enjoying lot's of snuggling. There have been quite a few squabbles here with the other kids....they all fight over who get's to hold/change/burp/snuggle Matthew!!!LOL

I'm in the process of doing the birth story, it's in draft right now!!!LOL

Matthew went for his one week check up on Friday and he now weighs 8lbs 4ozs!! He's gained a little over a pound in ONE WEEK!! What a little butterball!!! The dr joked and said "I guess there is no milk production issues with you, is there?!?!?" I have a feeling he's going to be a big guy, like Robbie was. Robbie was always 'off the chart'. I have been bust taking pics though and will post them in the Flickr either tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday we had a birthday party for Alex and today we are putting up the Christmas tree, so lot's of pics!!! I also did a pic of my super gorgeous (NOT!!!!) 10 day post baby belly pic, that I may post!!LOL

I can't believe my Alex is 10 years old today.......double digits!!!
Happy birthday buddy!!! Mama loves you!!!

One of these days I should type up ALL their birthstories!!! But, I will definitely start with Matthew's!!!LOL!!!

But, I need to get back to the decorating and picture taking!! Can I ask you all for prayer for us? We are just in trying times (nothing to do with baby) and I'm feeling the pull and drain on my spirit and with Christmas just a few weeks away....ugh. We need a financial miracle to come our way, so please pray for us. Thankyou all so very much!
God bless,


Sandra said...

I prayed for your situation and will continue to pray. I'm looking forward to hearing his birth story and that would be neat to see all of their birth stories at some point.

I hope Mr. Alex had a great birthday! Wow! 10 years old! I bet he feels sooo big now...being in double digits and all...LOL.

Blessings and Hugs to you dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Penny!! It looks like Alex had a fun birthday! How in the world is it that he's TEN??? It wasn't that long ago that he was TWO! And Matthew is absolutely can definitely see the resemblance in all your kids! He's got some of each of them in him!

I hope you guys are doing okay! I haven't heard from you in a while...I'm sure that's because you're laying around watching soaps and eating bonbons! ;D

(((HUGS))) to you all and a little ((snuggle)) for Matthew!

Take care,