Saturday, December 16, 2006

1 month old!!!!

Can you believe Matthew is 1 month old?!?!? Me neither!!!
Here he is and there are other ones in the Flickr!!

Matthew 1 month old

Such a sweetie!!! He slept for 4 straight hours last night...awwww...we're coming out of the newborn stage....the next stages are just as fun, but there is something so special about that first month. Now we get to experience all kinds of new first's and this next year will fly by!! Each new day will bring upon it something new....what a blessed Mama am I.

I have so many wonderful things to share and not nearly enough time to write them all, but please know that the Lord is hearing all of our prayers and then some. The love and kindness of people is amazing and I am still in shock by many things. Glory be to Him!!AMEN!!!

Tomorrow we are having Alyssa's b-day party...YUM!! more cake..hehehe!!!
This next week is going to be so busy, but a wonderful type of busy. I will post pictures when I can!!
Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow and rest in His easy yoke!!


Misty said...

He is so cute.

Sandra said...

What a cutie he is! He's really starting to look like the other boys now, too. I am so excited that God is blessing you guys this Christmas season. I never had a single doubt that He would! He is AMAZING!

Blessings and Hugs!