Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Pics!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you all did too!!

I've uploaded some pics in the Flickr to share our morning/day with you, there are also some from our Christmas Eve walk, we would've gone for a longer walk but the wind made it too cold. So, we came back and enjoyed watching the kids open their traditioanl gifts of new PJ's from Nana and Papa before snuggling into bed. I didn't get my Christmas wish of snow ON Christmas, it did however arrive a couple of days late!!LOL Figures!! Well, time to get these pumpkins into bed, or at least ready for bed!!LOL

Have a blessed Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Penny!! Looks like you all had a nice Christmas!! I LOVE the picture of Robbie and Matthew!!

Are you free for a girl's day/night out sometime next week? I'll e-mail you tomorrow!!