Saturday, December 9, 2006

New pics!!!

I just uploaded some new pics!! we managed to get some Christmas pics done last night, although I'm disappointed that my camera didn't behave. I may do a retake in daytime to see if it makes a difference.....'may' is the operative word here. Bill joked last night that if Christmas pictures were always this painful to watch!!LOL Here I was thinking it wasn't sooo bad!!LOL Maybe I'll just try re-touching them with some computer magic, I don't have PSP so we'll see what I can come up with!!

Have a blessed weekend!!!


Sandra said...

Love the pictures, even though the camera wasn't Atleast you've gotten yours done. Ha! I have just not been motivated to take them this year. I know I have to and soon...but haven't yet. Maybe tomorrow...maybe...LOL.
I can't believe how much little Matthew has grown since the last pics. He's not lacking any meals, that's for sure...LOL. Gotta love those chubby lil cheeks!