Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Bit of a Better Day....a bit.

Poor Robbie, his cough is absolutely horrible, I feel so bad for him. It's such a nasty dry hack, you know the one that just tickles the back of your throat constantly?!?!?YUCK! Alex's voice comes and goes and his throat hurts, but his cough isn't as bad. Bill isn't as bad, but he is soooo clogged up.
Both Kayla and Mariah were total monkey's today, they were into everything and totally pushing the sickies buttons and each other's. They are what I would imagine twins be would like, what one doesn't think of the other does!!LOL

We've made some progress here on the homefront though, Kayla has given up her bottle (yes, I do mean Kayla-the 4yo!!!) I knew she would eventually, and we are VERY close with the suckie being gone as well. Mariah, still uses both, but I would assume once she sees Kayla without them on a regular basis she won't be far behind. Matthew doesn't use a suckie at all, just his thumb and fingers!!
Speaking of Matthew, it seems he is requesting a snack!!LOL

Have a blessed Thursday!!