Thursday, February 22, 2007

Friday 5 and a Better Day!!

Today was a better day, I decided that the Chinook that blew through yesterday was to blame for the kid's wacky behaviour. Of course today, we have had the opposite and snow! Their behaviour gets all wonky when the weather warms up, I don't know if the pressure change or perhaps just my imagination!!LOL At any rate, it sounds like a good analogy to me!

Well, here's my Friday 5:
Who’s got you wrapped around his or her finger?
Definitely Mariah, I totally admit to caving in to her WAY too many times!
What’s as easy to learn as your ABCs?
To cook a Turkey!!LOL I thought it was way more involved than it actually is!
Whose destiny is to be the king (or queen) of pain?
Hmmmm, well there are different ways to take this, so I'll take it as an injury type of pain and that would have to be Mariah again, she has no fear and already has a scar on her nose to prove it!!
Who would you like not to stand so close to you?
Anyone who hasn't discovered laundry soap or deodorant!!LOL
Which animals’ stings have you experienced?
A wasp and a bumblebee.

My sister and Brad will be here later to spend the night, then tomorrow Bill and Brad have to go and take care of something requiring testosterone and while they're gone my sister and I and the kids are going to tackle school work. When the guy's get back, Bill and I are going to go get groceries....yup, a date getting groceries!!!LOL It's not always fun going with Bill as he is not blessed with patience, but I am not getting much so hopefully he won't find the need to run over any innocent by standers in the store....just joking!!!LOL

Then we will have a relaxing weekend, where I will be doing laundry like a mad woman and cleaning like crazy now that most people are better...oh wait....did I say relaxing?!?!?BWHAHAHA...yeah, ummmm *cough* not me!!!!LOL I have over 13 loads of laundry to do, not including the usual weekend laundry of sheets and towels, so more like 20.

Monday will be a nice day, my sister is treating the kids and us to a day at an indoor playground....hehe...where Daddy and Uncle Brad will run through tunnels and slides with the kids, being engulfed by plastic colorful balls and my sister and I will sit and sip cappuccino's and entertain the chunky monkey baby!! Ha, see how things work themselves out?!?!?!
I will certainly be bringing the camera (and extra batteries!!) to capture our fun filled day......the kids don't even know about it, they are going to be sooooo surprised!!hehe!!

Have a blessed Friday!!