Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

What a busy last few days it has been!! Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Ours was nice, a little hectic, but that is to be expected around here!!LOL
I will put pics in the flickr for ya'll to check out.

Praise the Lord I was able to do the ginormous grocery trip on Friday, how blessed I feel to have a fully stocked kitchen now! My sister, Alex, Matthew and I all went. It took us about 5 hrs from start to finish and that includes of course the time it took that I had to stop and feed Matthew. He did so good, thank goodness! Alex was such a big help as well. We had four cart fulls when all was said and done. I ended up with a super nice cashier who took the time to stop my bill and run it through each time I hit the limit to be able to receive a free ham. I ended up receiving 5 free hams!!LOL What a blessing that was! I won't even mention the total cost!!LOL Let me just say, it was up there!!LOL

Saturday we did our egg decorating and the kids had a lot of fun. They were a little tired and grumpy, but it was enjoyed by all. Sunday we enjoyed our dinner and my mom came dressed up as a bunny (there are pics!!)

I'm spending the week getting things organized for the sale on Saturday, I am soooo excited. I've also became the person I used to poke fun at with regards to the sale. I always used to say that the people who had clothing racks were hardcore Used Toy and Clothing sellers and now I am one!!LOL I bought a clothing rack and may even have to get another one...hehe!! I hope it's a better turn out than the fall one, and I am really hoping to get good deals on clothing and books for the kids and maybe just maybe a few toys here and there..but shhhhhhh! Don't tell my kids that!!LOL I would really like to get them some more Lego, they totally love playing with it and it's something they can all do together. My sister is coming to help me out, so it will be fun. I just hope Matthew does good.

Tomorrow, Kerri and her kiddo's are coming for a visit. The kids are totally excited to have them coming too!!!Hopefully we'll be able to sneak out for a little bit for a girls night out too...yum...Starbucks coffee sounds great!!!
I'm totally hooked! Maybe we'll wander through Walmart too, because we love that kind of exciting thing!!ROFL!!!

Well, time to get these guys settled in for a story and get them off to bed, they have been up late the last few nights and it shows!!
Have a blessed evening!!