Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday 5

What’s something you wear only on special occasions, and when was the last time?
earrings!! I think on my 10th wedding anniversary last year was the last time!!LOL
What’s something you consume only on special occasions, and when was the last time?
Bailey's and coffee, Christmas Eve...and um...Christmas Day!!
Who’s someone you see only on special occasions, and when was the last time?
I guess my Grandmother, and the last time was Mariah's Birthday
From now on, you will commemorate every year on this date something that happened to you in the past twenty-four hours! What will it be?
Ummmmm, I dunno!! It was just a regular day, perhaps maybe the only difference would be that Mariah only got into 100 different things instead of 102?!?!LOL
What’s a unique special occasion you share with just a few people you know?
The anniversary of when Bill and I started dating..officially....Aug.21st 1994(Maybe our first kiss, Aug.6th 1994) and the day we were engaged, Nov.25th 1994, only special days to Bill and I!!

Not much on the go this weekend, a long weekend!! I've been hard at work putting the final touches on the budget and adjusting my grocery lists and menus to reflect our NEW budget....YES!! We have a NEW budget!! The Lord heard my prayers and has answered faithfully!! Bill starts his new job on Tuesday, he will work Monday to Friday, nice family friendly hours and it's only about 10-15mins away!!! WOW!! God is so good!!! The pay is right smack between two figures I was working with when I was originally trying to figure out from a financial standpoint what type of job he should go after. It is nowhere near the same amount he was making before, but it is a job and it will pay the bills. It will mean I will need to be a good steward with our finances and stretch our dollar, as it states in Proverbs. It is my responsibility as the keeper of our finances and as the keeper of my home. I plan on posting another post soon in my food blog with more tips and I will also eventually give you all who would like it, access to my menus, lists and schedules and recipes...all NEW and updated!! I will let you all know when the post is up and ready over at the food blog/homemaking blog. I'm really hoping to revamp it over the weekend, so don't freak out if you sneak a peek and it's all torn apart!!LOL

The weather has been so fascinating lately around here!! Lot's of thunder storms and rain and the most fabulous clouds!! The kids and I have been 'predicting' the weather every day this week, their pretty good meteorologists!! We did have a neat little weather station set up, that is until Daddy accidentally stepped on it!!Whoops!!

Oh and guess what I was blessed with this week from Freecycle??? A HUGE collection of educational posters and seasonal stuff, and I mean a HUGE amount!! They were from a lady who used to teach!!WOOT!! The kids and were so excited to have all these fabulous posters, makes me almost want to decorate for next year now!!LOL Some of them are going downstairs in the main play area, that is our plan for tomorrow. Clean the disaster zone up and put all the poster we chose for down there up!! Maybe I'll post pics when we're done!!

Well, I'm going to try and get a bit started over on the food blog before I hit the sack!! Have a blessed evening!!


Kelly Flikkema said...

Hi Penny! I just came here via the AP group (this is Kelly Flikkema). I have a blog at if you happen to have a xanga account. We have a lot in common, obviously, and I really like meeting other Christian AP moms. Especially with big families, I desperately want a big family. Are you into the "quiverful" thing? I've just heard of it recently.

Cakes said...

yum. Bailey's and coffee.
Have you tried the Bailey's Ice Cream?! I think I lived on it during my pregnancy with Oliver!