Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

For some reason I can't get that cheesy little song Ren and Stimpy used too sing out of my head. On the other hand, I suppose it should be a good thing that I awoke on a Monday morning with a happy tune in my head!!LOL If you ever watched Ren and Stimpy back in the early 90's, you will now have that song stuck in YOUR head!! Or better yet, how about the Log song?!?!Ok, I'll stop getting cheesy songs implanted in your brains!!

What a busy last few days! Hmmmmm, don't I say that every time I get on here?!?! Let's see, Thursday......I don't think anything interesting happened, other than me trying excruciatingly hard to get laundry done! Poor Bill is in terrible need of clothes too! He put on a pair of jeans and the crotch spilt (teehee!!) at least it was along the seam so I can fix that, then his only two pairs of shorts he's worn to work and has got them badly stained with some sort of grease. It all happened because before he started at his OTHER job he was ummmm a little plump squishy Fluffy, but then he lost a ton of weight, so we Freecycled his fluffy clothes and got him new clothes. Well, while he was off on disability, he got a little fluffy again and a lot of his clothes don't fit.
Thursday night Kerri and I went out for a girls night, had my yummy Vanilla Latte, except Mr.cutie forget to put my cream on top of it, oh well, it was sooooo yummy even without the whipped cream. I will just have to make sure I specifically ask for whipped cream and lot's of it!!!

Friday was a lake day again! Went with Kerri. It hasn't been that busy there lately which is nice. I will put more pics in the Flickr. I just realized that Kerri and I need to do a family group pic!! We've done kid group pics, but not with us Mama's in them!! Next friday Mama!!! Then I will post them. Bill also went and picked up my other find on Freecycle, a mini fridge!! It's actually a cooler that can be plugged into your vehicles lighter outlet and it can keep things cool or warm! It's shaped just like a little fridge, it's really cute! I wanted a mini fridge to keep juice and other drinks in for the kids. I was hoping it would free up some room in the big fridge. Eventually I will find/get a 3.2 cubic mini fridge, but for now, this is perfect!! It had never even been used before!!

Saturday, was cleaning. Trying to get the basement done. Trying to!! As I was about to clean the bathroom downstairs.....I opened the door only to find something out of a Stephen King novel!! There were Flying ants and crawling ants EVERYWHERE!!! EWWWWWWWWW!! I screamed the kids screamed, I'm tripping over all the kids that are behind me as I am trying to shut the door! That was soooo gross! So, that was our fun on Saturday. Thank goodness, flying ants aren't dangerous. They're just creepy!
Bill went and picked up the clothing from Freecycle for Matthew, which thankfully was clean this time!! However, the majority of it was a little too small for Matthew. But, at least there was a few t-shirts and a couple pairs of pants. But oh my!! Some of the little stuff was just sooooo cute!!! So, I will pack that away, you know, for a rainy day!! There was however, two little jackets that will fit him come the fall and even a little fleece Gap hoodie!! see, in the fall or winter months, all the kids have Gap hoodies that they wear out, to keep warm AND to create a unified look out in public and now Matthew has his very own!!!

Yesterday, Bill decided he would BBQ supper for us!! Hurray! I didn't have to cook, other than a pasta dish for the side. We did burgers and hotdogs.....hmmmmmmm......there are leftovers, might go get me a burger for breakfast!!LOL Robbie had received some $$$ for his birthday from Nana and Papa, so Bill took him over to Toys R Us so he could pick out something. of course, he chose a Transformer and a Spiderman figurine.

On the plans for this week: GROCERIES!! It'll only be a itty bit, but hey, it's something!!LOL I will put up my menu's and lists on the other blog in just a little bit. I'm just finishing up making menu's based on what is on sale at Stupidstore Superstore. Lake Day again on Friday!!
Then it's a long weekend!!! Three whole days with daddy!!

I can't believe the summer is almost half over!! Although, I'm not THAT disgruntled over it, LOL, that means it's closer to the fall!!! It has been sooooo hot here, ok I know that my Southern readers will laugh but when we're hitting 31-33 degrees Celsius and add on 60-70% humidity makes it feel like we're at 37-38 degrees Celsius!! So that's what, somewhere in the 90's in Fahrenheit?!?!
Today and the next few days are supposed to be around the mid 20 mark, much more tolerable!! It looks as though it may even try to rain/thunder storm!! WOOT!!
I think with the temps being a bit lower, I will try to get 3 or 4 dozen muffins baked and maybe a couple dozen cookies!! I would like to make some oatmeal cookies.We'll see what I can get done!!

Have a blessed Monday!!