Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What does one do with 4 litres of juice??

I'll tell you what, they dump on the floor!
spilled juice 003
spilled juice 002
Yup, that's exactly what you do.
Unfortunately, I don't have a child at fault. Nope my friends, it was ME!!!
Ug, for whatever reason my blonde dorky brain allowed me to pick up the HUGE 4L jug by the spout and down to the floor it went and off the lid flew, spewing juice EVERYWHERE! of course because our house is lopsided, the juice instantly runs towards the other side of the kitchen, hence the towels. And of course, I would have to use ALL the towels I JUST washed (that were conveniently sitting beside the kitchen in a laundry basket all clean and ready to put away)
I won't even get into the comments from the kids, I am sure you can imagine though.

Tomorrow is Thursday and grocery day, which means Vanilla Latte, which means I will make it through today. For now though, I must go wash the floor....again. *sigh*

God bless, Penny