Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Return

Hey!! Did ya'll miss me??
Sorry for the super long hiatus, it wasn't a purposeful thing! Life just kind of got in the way of computer time. Hmmm, let's see....what has gone on since my last post. Had my birthday on the 12th, didn't do anything in particular. We went for a meeting for Habitat for Humanity. More about that at a later time. Then that weekend we had a birthday celebration for Kayla. (the pics are in the Flickr already) Matthew took sick the entire time from my last post. I ended up taking him to the drs on the 18th. Turned out that he had a double ear infection, a sinus infection, a chest infection and his one eye was infected from all the mucous from his sinuses. Poor little guy! Amazingly, he was still eating really good and still a happy little guy. The only reason I took him in was because he'd had the cold longer than 10days and the mucous from his nose had changed color.(yup, a nice fluorescent green!). Thank goodness I listened to my Mama intuition! He's just about done his antibiotics now and doing much better. He's working on his top front teeth, so I am pretty certain we'll have some new teeth in the next week or so!

Had the Used Toy and Clothing sale on Saturday. It was an awesome turn out! I was looking for some snowpants for Mariah and Kayla and a snowsuit for both Matthew and Alyssa. Can you believe there wasn't any! I did find both Alex and Robbie snowpants, as well as some miscellaneous jammies for the girls. I also found Matthew some clothes. I had a tremendous blssing from a lady that my mom works with! She has two children, a boy and a girl. The boy is 2.5yrs and the girl is in ECS. She handed down to us some clothing that they had outgrown, I will be able to use a lot of it. So, now thanks to her and my sweet cyber sister Misty, Matthew is doing much better in the clothing department for the fall and winter season! I can't imagine what would happen without the generosity of friends/family and Freecycle! I am so blessed to have everyone in my life. I personally LOVE hand-me-downs for both myself and the kids! I also found a winter jacket for myself as well as some t-shirts at the sale! I did get 3 pairs of pants for myself too, but two of the pants are too big. One pair should least they only cost me a dollar each!!LOL

So to finish off my fall/winter clothing inventory, I need to get Alyssa some pants, a snowsuit, and some boots. Mariah needs some snowpants and boots. Matthew needs a snowsuit and some socks. Everyone needs hats and mitts. I think that's it, although I am sure I've missed something!!LOL

We also started our school year on the 17th!! So far so good, I have been taking it slow to start off with them, seems to work the best. I'll post about what we're learning soon, as well s finish up my 'Making Mornings Easier' post (it is still sitting in my drafts!!LOl)

This shopping on Friday. Hoping for a girls night with Kerri this week too. Saturday I am planning on going to the Breastfeeding challenge in our city!! I'm really, really hoping to make it. I have wanted to be a part of one for some time now. So we'll see. I want to make sure everyone is feeling good first!

Well, time to finish getting everyone tucked into bed!
Have a blessed Sunday evening!