Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Love It!!!!

Isn't that awesome?!!? Why oh why, can they not show THAT on Sesame Street NOW???
Oh, that's right, it wouldn't be politically correct! We wouldn't want our children exposed to a women feeding her baby in the most natural, perfect way on TV! And my goodness, Buffy even uses the word BREAST in her conversation with Big Bird *GASP* We certainly wouldn't want our children using THAT word! BUT, let's not forget that it's perfectly acceptable to have our children watch barely dressed women exposing themselves as an OBJECT to be desired by men. *puke* Lest we wonder what is wrong with todays kids!(NOT saying that Sesame promotes sexualization in their programming!)

I challenge Sesame Street to put this on in todays programming! You here me Carol-Lynn Parente (executive producer), Tim Carter (producer),
Crsytal Whaley (producer), and all the directors and writers of the Sesame Workshop!!!! Do it!! You were the first to implement children's programming the way you do, be the first to bring it back to wholesome viewing for children! Let the toddlers and pre-schoolers of this generation see Mama's feeding their babies breastmilk, talk about breastmilk, and promote the ONLY most nutritious, most recommended, most natural way to feed an infant. Let 'em see a toddler feeding at his mother's breast, let 'em see a preschooler feeding at her mother's breast. Let a segment showcase a mother saying "I am feeding my baby expressed breastmilk, because breastmilk is the best milk for human babies". Let's get a mother explaining breastmilk to Big Bird again!!!

*stepping off my soapbox...........for now!

God bless, Penny