Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feeling Rather Nostalgic

1 year ago tonight I was in the process of being induced with my sweet little man. I cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by, it is truly astonishing. I think back to this night 1 year ago, right about now (9:20pm) I was starting to get pitocin.......*sigh* You can read the birth story HERE

Grocery shopping tomorrow night! Saturday I am taking Alyssa for a mommy and me time. We are going to a salon and getting our hair done! She is so excited, as am I! I'm thinking I may go all out in the haircut department....we'll see! Sunday we are having a small little birthday party for Matthew.

Well, I should get a few more things done before I hit the hay...perhaps my list?!?!?LOL!

God bless, Penny