Thursday, December 6, 2007

Babywearing Makes the News!

Cool, eh?!?!

Well, we've been blasted with more illness in the house. We had just finally put the cold virus to rest when last Saturday evening (of course 5 min before Bill and I were to leave for his company Christmas Party, thankfully we had a super awesome babysitter who braved it even with the barf!) when Mariah began barfing. Then in true Norovirus spirit, it has hit someone every two days since then. After Mariah it was Matthew who awoke early Monday morning puking. Then last night it was Kayla. Thankfully it only last about 6-8hrs of actual barfing. Now I'm just waiting to see who the next victim will be tomorrow. Right now Robbie is complaining of a sore tummy
which seems to be how it begins, but we'll see.

I haven't even begun my Christmas preparations. No baking, no sewing, no shopping.*sigh* I'm not used to being this far behind this late in the season. There just has been no time with all the sickies we've had! I'm hoping that maybe Kerri and I can hit some stores next Saturday and get some shopping done, we'll see!

We also had Alex's 11th birthday last weekend, I can't believe he is 11! It just doesn't seem that long ago when I became a Mama for the first time.

We are all finished school for winter break. I would've loved to have tried to squeeze in another week, but it was a lost cause. Between barfing kids and being so close to Christmas, it just became in avoidable to start our break.

Oh, and my Mom was broken into last week. It's really sad because she had a lot of very sentimental jewelery stolen. Stuff that you can never replace. She's been trying to recover emotionally as well. So sad. I feel so bad for her.

Well, better run and attempt another lost cause....laundry. Ugh, I am so far behind it is at gross level. I was already behind from having been sick myself with the cold, and all it takes is 2 days and the mountain is crazy.

Oh, there are pics in the Flickr!!
God bless!