Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Monday Already??

Seriously where did the weekend go? Apparently I missed it, oh yeah, that must've been when I blinked!

Well, my plan didn't work out so well. I should've known that my sassy attitude would come back to bite me! I had a dentist appointment on Saturday. It was just supposed to be for an exploring and to talk about what to do about my bridge. Well, it changed a wee bit. I had been having discomfort in one of my teeth that the bridge is on (nothing really out of the ordinary with this stupid bridge!) when she looked at it she said that it was infected. We decided instead of doing another course of antibiotics, we would cut through the bridge and just yank the root (that was all that was left!!) so that is what we did! So, now I only have half the amount of teeth one should have on the top. I have 7. Oh well, at least the infection is well on it's way of being cleared. Today it's still a little tender, but I think that's because it is so close to the front (the first molar after your canines).
The joys!!!

So, because I felt so yucky on Saturday the kids cleaned up!!lol Go figure! Oh well, one day my house will be clean and then that means that all my babies will have grown and moved on, and I am not looking forward to that (well I am because I am excited for them and their lives ahead of them, but you know what I mean!!)
Thankfully, Bill could careless about the state of the house!lol So it's my own self that creates the stress over it. Seriously, Bill would not care if I only did housework once a month, or if the dust was so thick. As long as his clothes are clean and he get's food, he's happy. Like he's always said, he would rather have an energetic wife than a clean house!!lol

This week is crazy busy, but all in a good way. Tomorrow we meet with our family partner from Habitat (I'll post an update in that blog), then it's grocery shopping week. On Friday Bill and I are going to go pick up my sister. It will be nice to have some just Bill and Me time. I'm nervous about leaving Matthew for awhile in the evening and then again for the next day. He's still nursing and I worry that these large gaps in nursing are going to affect my production. He really has no signs of weaning anytime soon, I guess I will just have to have faith in my body!

We have been busy cleaning and de-cluttering as well. So far, I have almost 7 LARGE black garbage bags for donation or I may post it on Freecycle. It's a mix of sheets, towels, toys, clothes from Bill and I and a few things that don't fit some of the kids. I decided I am going to start packing here and there as well. Just things like ornaments and small things that aren't used on a regular basis. That way I can take my time and clean them all before packing too. I will probably call on all my chickie friends to have a packing blitz when it get's closer and we actually have a date. Every other time we've moved I've figured I'm a hero and can pack up my entire house all by myself all the while doing everything else!!lol Well, it never owrks out so well and on top of that, we have two more kids now since we last moved!!
Live and learn right!!!

The weather is finally perking up around here, perhaps the 6 months of winter is officially over?!?! one can only hope!!
Yesterday, it really warmed up and a lot of the snow was melting....good thing my neighbours were using the water from their garden hose to speed the melting process on their front lawn, I mean really, who would want to preserve such a precious resource such as water anyways?!?!?

God bless, Penny


noelle said...

You and Matthew will do just fine. I left Kelli for just over 48 hours 2 weeks after she turned 12 months. We picked back up where we left off with no problems at all. That was supposed to be when I weaned her, but I wasn't ready yet so we went a couple more months after that.

Sounds like you have a lot going on but you are doing so great. You have such a great outlook and upbeat attitude. I love that!

Multi-tasking Mom said...

I've missed you! Because I am on dial-up now, I don't get to catch up with blogs as much as I used to. But I was so happy to read your post at LOK, what a happy coincident! We really have a lot in common. ;-)