Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

Today is the day I get to meet my nephew and I am giddy like a school girl!!lol
I cannot wait to snuggle him and say hello....can this day go any faster?!?!

So for curiosity sake I decided to go and check my pregnancy journal from Matthew (yes, I have a journal for each books are sparsley filled though) and lo and behold the height of the fundus is only a smidge bigger now than it was Matthew.(we're talking about one finger width, give or take some room for error since it is just my fingers!!lol)But, I thought it was a good idea to post a comparison pic as Sandra be the judge. Perhaps I am carrying higher??

Here's 16weeks with Matthew:

and here's 16weeks with this little one:
Blessing #7 16 weeks preggers!!!

and for even more fun comparison, here's my belly with Matthew at 20wks:

Of course all the kids are hoping it's twins, they think that would be awesome! It would be interesting and a new kind of challenge, that's for sure! Talk about a milk machine!!lol my biggest worry/fear would be them being born early and having to spend time in the NICU, I can't imagine the difficulty in having to be here at home and there at the hospital. I know we'd do it, but I'm not sure it's an experience I'd want to endure that's for sure! Maybe I'd be one of the lucky ones who carries to term (whoa, me 38wks preggers with twins!!!lol can you imagine!!) I was reading that woman with twins typically gain double the normal amount they gain with singletons....not so bad if you're on of those mama's who only gains like 15-20lbs.....not I...I gain between 39-42lbs!!!lol The thought of me gaining almost 80lbs is quite amusing....although I am very certain it would'nt be hard to tastes so divine whilst pregnant and I do not restrain self (I do have self control though!!lol big difference) If I want cheeseburgers or lasagna for breakfast, I'm eating it! If I want ice cream, I'm eating it. My favourite fast food to date has been either Harveys or Arby's oh yummmmmmmm!!!!

Anyways, enough of daydreaming and on with the day!!
Have a blessed Friday everyone!!!