Friday, August 29, 2008

Doctors Update

well, we're back! Good grief that was a long appointment! My fam doc has always just copied all my medical info from my previous births onto a new file...but not this place. Oh no, they had to had everything firsthand, so I had to sit and go through my entire medical history, every pregnancy/labour and birth. Good thing I haven't had a lot of complications! They didn't seem too pleased with my stance on being induced since I have been labeled as precipitous (fast labours). I said I am certain that the minor complications I had with my last two were a direct result from being induced and that I didn;t feel that this being my 7th labour that Pitocin was a good option for me due to the increased risk of Uterine Rupture. Apparently doctors do not like being told medical stuff back to them! We'll see what happens...I told them I would rather *risk* a homebirth than risk complications due to an induction.

Anyways, onto the details!
Ultrasound was great, baby is perfect, placenta is low and we will be going for another one at 30weeks.
Weight:126lbs (total thus far at 23W6D is 26 lbs)
Blood Pressure: 111/68
Baby's heartbeat:156
measuring: at 25wks
Other than that, not much else. I am supposed to go for the GD screen during my 26th week. Another test I am kind of against for me, since I am not at risk and have never had issues before.*sigh*

Anyways, got to get back to getting things organized and then it's off to get groceries tonight! Oh, but first I will post pics in the homeschool blog!!


Anonymous said...

The older you get the harder time your body has processing sugar. My mom didn't have gestational diabetes until her 11th! She was trying to have home birth but couldn't deliver because the shoulders were too big so the midwife had to trasport her for a c-section.