Friday, August 15, 2008

Heard in My House Today and it's only 8am

Mariah crying: "Mommy, Robbie called me pouty McPoutpants"

Mariah: "you doornog, your shirt is on the wrong feet"

Alyssa: "MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY there are Rice Krispies in my hair"

We slept in, the kids are SPUN.OUT, groceries are supposed to be arriving, and I have to get things ready for our evening tonight. The sheer volume inside my house right now is enough to make your brain spin inside her head. They are fighting, yelling, arguing and then running to me to tell me all about it. So, I did what any normal mother who hasn't had her morning coffee would do...........I ran to my room and jumped on my computer to tell my cyber friends all about it!!!lol How did my ancestors ever survive?!?!?

Alright, now that I have had a few deep breaths, said a prayer and begged my heavenly Father to have mercy on me...I must face the day...............

God bless, Penny


Rebekah said...

Pouty McPoutpants?? THERE'S a new one!!! Too funny, girl! Sounds like the insanity I daily face around here! BTW...congrats on #7! :-)