Thursday, September 4, 2008

ThirteenThankful Things for Thursday :o)

Here's my list.....I haven't done one of these in awhile!
They are in no specific order by the way! husband. I am so very thankful for him each and every day. I love to take care of him and in turn be taken care of by him. He makes my heart sing and I love being so close to him and hearing his heartbeat and warmth against me. He is my very best friend and I adore him! children. Each of them are such amazing people with such amazing personalities. They bring me so much joy each day and make me laugh more often than not. I love my time with them and can't imagine not having one of them here, each one has completed the family in a different way. They help me to re-think my actions and keep me grounded with reality...yet take me back to that special place of childhood regularly!
3.pregnancies. Yup, I am thankful for the ability to conceive naturally and have easy pregnancies. I am thankfully for each and every pregnancy I've had, even the ones I lost. I am thankful for being able to BE pregnant, it is a gift and one I treasure. As well as the ability to birth naturally and have fairly easy deliveries, another wonderful gift!!
4.a home. This house that we are building through Habitat for Humanity is a dream come true. Honestly, there are no real words to explain what a difference this is going to make in our lives. The security and stability that owing your own home offers is going to be such a huge relief. Living in a home that we don't have worry will be taken away for various reasons (high rent, landlords changing their minds..fill-in-the-blanks)It is an answer to our prayer of many, many years!
5.breastfeeding. While I believe that the vast majority of women have the ability to breastfeed, there are a few that cannot due to mastectomies or other serious health problems. I am thankful that I am not one of them and can breastfeed my babes without much problems!! Another true gift to treasure!!
6.the ability to homeschool my kids. I am so very blessed to be able to stay at home and offer my kids an alternative to *school*, one that I feel is the best choice for them and offers them the greatest flexibility to learn the way children are designed to learn.
7.being a mommy. I am living my dream right now, I am right where I wanted to be from as long as I can remember. I am so thankful for being a Mama, it is the most rewarding job and is so much better than I could have ever imagined. The days are long and some days are downright crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!!
8.the ability to make things. Sewing, cooking, baking, crafts and gardening....I am thankful for the resources and ability to be able to do these things.
9.French Vanilla coffee. yes, I could not leave this one out!!
10.weekends. I am thankful that Bill doesn't have to work on weekends (well, the house building him or I are working every Saturday!!)
11.harvest spice scented potpourri. Yummo!!! love of organizing and cleaning. A very good trait to have with a large family!!lol ;o)
13.A loving, forgiving, understanding, Heavenly Father who knows me inside and out and answers my prayers accordingly...sometimes yes and sometimes no. Who has blessed me in abundance and shown me patience and forgiveness. Who continues to help shape me into a better person each and every day. Who even though at times I have felt alone, is right there beside me as I walk through turmoil and learn from that experience.

Have a blessed Thursday Everyone!!!