Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Just a quick little update until I have some more time to write a real post.


I have been an emotional wreck lately, although the last couple of days have been a bit easier. This is the most difficult experience I have yet to go through, not to mention the most painful. (both physically and emotionally) I have had to lean on our Heavenly Father immensely, I am so thankful for His mercy.

Breanna is doing wonderfully! She is such a pillar of strength and an amazing little blessing. There is a slight possibility that she might be able to come home this weekend!! Or at least sometime in the next two or so weeks. Right now, she just needs to be able to take all her feedings through the bottle and not need the nasogastric tube at all for a full 48hrs. She has been having trouble with doing back to back bottle feeds as she still gets pretty tired. I think over the next couple of days she'll 'get it' and go crazy and not look back!
Praise the Lord sh nurses beautifully, great latch and will nurse until she is full. I could not ask for anything more! I'm hoping that once she is home and attached to my body that it will come together. I'm very confident it will!!

So after we reach that goal, then we will give the carseat test a go!! I am really confident she will do good. You have no idea how nice it will be to be able to hold her whenever I want and to be her caregiver and not have to ask before touching her........I am soooooo looking forward to that!
I managed to get some preemie clothes off of Kijiji, Bill will be picking them up on Friday! I also made enough from the boys stuff to get two of the swaddling blankies I wanted. Next I am saving up for a diaper bag (I want a pure cloth one with no vinyl stuff) I am hoping to make one, but haven't found the perfect material. I also have my wrap on the way it is a loooong one, so I may hem it and use the fabric to make a bag. We'll see! Then I need to get an organic mattress cover for Breanna's bassinet...the playpen ones. Then of course some yummy bath stuff, I use this stuff on all the kids, so that will be easy. I also need to get some woolies made for her, the newborn one I made will be a little big....mind you all the cloth I have will be big. I may just pick up a pack of organic cotton facecloths and use those for her dipes until she grows a bit!! I will also need to pick up some cloth lined baskets to hold her stuff, hopefully I'll heal up here soon so I can get over to Value Village!!:o)

Well, my time is up on here, breakfast is over and it is time to get the day going!!
PLease pray that I can bring my sweet blessing home this weekend!!!!


Kelly said...

Oooooh, I hope you can bring her home this weekend! I'd love to meet her next week. Praying!

Sandra said...

I am checking in on you. I hope that Breanna was able to come home this past weekend and I hope you are feeling much better.
Blessings and Hugs!

mommyknows said...

Just popping by to check on Breanna (and you). I hope she is home with the family and you are too busy enjoying her to blog.

Sandra said...

Hi Penny! I hope all of you are doing well this Christmas season and you'll be able to update soon.
Blessings and Hugs!