Friday, January 30, 2009

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm......




Click on the cartoons to read the relevant info. Whoa! I realize that this is American info, BUT, you can bet it is the same here. We are soooo long over due for changes...I encourage you to go over to Natural News and read up on some of the articles, education is the key to change!!

On the day!! Breanna is changing so much, although not by huge leaps in the size department, but this week she began smiling at us and trying to coo and talk! It's so funny to see because she *looks* like a 6week old baby!!lol I'm so happy that the other day I managed to get Breanna on my back!!Whoohoo!! She loves it there and spends a good portion of the day there, she loves to be able to watch everything that mama is doing and then drifts off to sleep when she's had her fill! This pic was taken on Jan.19th


and here is another of my happy girl:
taken on Jan.24th

Grocery shopping this weekend!! You have no idea how nice it is to be able to put all the kids in the van AND all the the SAME TIME! I'm really looking forward to making the trip out to BC this summer if we can (still trying to budget that all in), it will be nice to be able to pack things and have it all fit!lol
Here's a pic of our new family vehicle:(it was taken through the window of our new house)

I will be posting a couple of pics in the habitat blog today and will hopefully have a recipe over in the food blog later today!

Have a blessed day!!


PDP Music Services said...

Awww Pen, she is so precious. Well, ok, they all are!!! :) I miss you guys tons!! Please give kisses and hugs and please, please send me a few pics by email!!! :) Love Cherie