Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the most beautiful time of year......

Although why I feel that vastly differs from why others feel that way. That Staples commercial irks me. You know the one.......the kids are miserable because it's back to school time and the dad is deliriously happy dancing around because it is back to school time. Drives me crazy!
Nope, it's almost my favourite time of year! I LOVE, LOVE, love fall. The sights, the smells, nature at one of her most beautiful times! Pumpkin pie, baking, hot chocolate, crunchy leaves, beautiful glowing sunsets...ahhhhhh!!! I love going for walks and seeing all the gorgeous colors that emerge in the fall...strangely enough, it's the beauty of death I suppose.

My Grandmother has been accepted into Hospice, they're just waiting for a room to become available. Which makes me feel strange on the inside when I think that. In order for a room to become available in a hospice means one thing has happened and my heart aches for that family.
My Grandma is doing as well as one can be in her situation. She is not eating, just nibbles. She can no longer walk or do many tasks for herself anymore. They are doing nothing to 'prolong' her life, just helping relieve any discomfort such as pain she may be experiencing. Thankfully, she's in no pain thus far. She's been telling my Mom that she has been on an airplane the last couple of nights with the 'most handsomest man' she's ever seen!!!!

The other night my mother went into the her hospital room to check on her and noticed she was sleeping very moms heart skipped for a second so she cautiously approached my grandma. She proceeded to gently rouse her to which my grandmother replied as she stirred, "Am I dead yet?" ROFL!! my mom said "Uh, I certainly hope not because if you are and I'm talking to you we have a serious problem!!" Yes, my family is strange indeed!!

My grandmother has always been subtle and a bit off (see I come by it naturally!!!) it's just her!!!
She cracks me up with some of the things she says.

Like the one day we were talking and she had commented on how much she enjoyed the church service at her care center. I asked if she had any favourite sermon that she had particularly enjoyed recently and she came out with "Oh no dear, I just go for the tea and biscuits after the service" ROFL!!!!! Totally not what I was expecting!!lol

Well, I'm off to finish up a post for the homeschool blog, I'll post here when it's complete!!