Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Quick Lil' Update

once again, a lovely little bullet form posting!! And a shout out to all my peeps...cause ya know there are so many here *insert cricket chirps* j/k

*heading out to get some groceries tonight, over to superstore.
*had our first official homevisit from our school facilitator today, went excellent, as usual, cause we love her and she loves us!! <3
*Was the official kick off to cloth only on sunday, how's it going for ya?? I promise it's not gross after awhile! Then again I pick out dirty diapers from the pail with my bare hands and clean up vomit WHILE eating dinner! Talented, I know.
*My husband is well into his third month of quitting smoking!!WHOOHOO!!! just between you and me internet, I was a closet smoker on and off for the past 15years and I have not had one SINGLE drag or puff for over three month as well. Can I get a *holla holla*?!?!?!!?
*My husband has officially sworn off refined flour and sugar, which means the entire family has too!!How's about another *holla holla*?!?!?!
*We are all homesick to a place where we have never even lived before, only visited. **HUGS to my loves in BC**
*We are hitting Costco on Friday night and then roasting marshmallows by the firepit later.
*Saturday we are heading down south to our old 'hood to go hang out in the nature area there to take in the beauty of fall and so I can take some fall pics of the kids. We miss trees, badly.
*I totally screwed up with our last homeowners class and thought it was on Tuesday night (like the original letter stated that we had received back in August) except they went and changed it to the Monday night and only told people via email and somehow I missed that memo. *smacks her forehead* yeah, I'm that good. Whoops!! Thankfully they were cool about it and didn't render us unconscious and submit us to torture. We love them for it.
*My homeschool store is so awesome I wish I could go there and give them some pie and a hug, seriously, they rock my boat.
*I think I'm done for now..........have a blessed Wednesday!!!