Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grocery Challenge and other Randomness

Okay, so over at Owlhaven's there's a grocery challenge going on for the month of September. Typically it's super difficult for me to join in on these things because no matter how hard I try, I cannot get our budget under $100 CAD for a week and still maintain a level of nutrition that we have become accustomed too. I don't have access to any nifty grocery stores like my American friends do and we live in a fairly expensive city. Soooooo, with all these odds piled against me, I try my best.
I decided to join in even though I am unable to meet the $75 (or $80 approx in CAD). I am however challenging myself since our grocery budget took a 39% drop this month.
We don't shop weekly anymore, discovered it was a bit more time consuming than it was worth. We're back to every two weeks since that is how payday works here. So here's the breakdown. This month grocery shopping took place on the 1st and it will again on the 15th, unfortunately, we have a homeowners class that day so I will most likely stretch the food I have on hand until the 19th which is the Saturday. That way, I can hit both stores that I shop at (Superstore and Costco) all in the same day instead of one the 16th and the other the 17th which would mean the kids were out three evenings in a row which is not a good scenario in this household!!lol
So far my budget last week was set at $640 CAD(for two weeks and a few days worth of food), I came in at $258 at Superstore and $333 at Costco.
So that brought us in at $591. We used approx $10 to buy a couple of coffee's while we were out and about on the weekend, which left me about $30 and I also had a $25 gift card (Superstore sometimes offers a free item or a gift card when you spend a certain amount usually $250) so I used that and grabbed some fresh veggies, frozen raspberries, goatcheese, silk creamer, eggs, milk and some fruit. That total came to $56, but only just under $32 from pocket.
So my grocery budget total for the first two weeks was pretty close to bang on.

We'll see if I can hit the next round likewise!That budget will be $550, so a bit lower. I had to take some funds out of it for the Used toy and clothing sale (which I am praying I will make it to be in, tables went on sale on the first but I couldn't budget it in until after the 15th so hopefully tables will still be available!!!) so that trip should be a bit interesting to make work. A challenge no doubt!!

So onto some randomness.....
It was a long weekend here so we had daddy for three whole days! Saturday we went and spent the day at the zoo, it was a lot of fun. The weather was pleasant, not too hot and not too cool. We had a long leisurely picnic lunch which was really nice. The kids ran and played in the field area while Bill and I chatted while I fed Breanna. Just a nice, easy going day!
Sunday we had some company come by for a quick visit. Auntie Elaine and Uncle Mike came and brought us an extra dresser they had as well as Bill's mom's old sewing machine for Alyssa. As well as some lovely towels and a treat for the kids as a housewarming gift. It was really nice seeing them again, hopefully we can arrange for another visit before the roads get too difficult with winter.
After they left, we decided it was time to go through fall and winter clothes and pack away the majority of summer stuff. Time to see who needs what and all that good stuff. They are always amazed to visually see just how much they have grown (as opposed to hearing me tell them how much they've grown!!lol) Some were a little upset to see a favourite piece of clothing get passed down to a sibling. Me on the other hand, doing a seasonal clothing switch is always rather bittersweet. Since I will remember a shirt having been too big for the oldest and now the youngest is wearing it. Or even the clothing that has been passed onto us from friends, I will remember a shirt that was worn by a certain boy who is now in Junior High!!!(Hi Kerri!!!) or as Matthew slips on a pair of pants from another friend who's little boy was born the same year as Mariah (hi Diana!!)..my goodness!!!
We also decided that Breanna looks a lot like Mariah, even more so when she had a sleeper on that Mariah wore around the same age.(Mariah was very petite...only weighing 20lbs at 18mos!!!)

So now I have a list of items the kids need for this fall and winter all ready to go!!

This week is somewhat busy, homeowners class tomorrow night. Although this one doesn't necessarily have anything to do with 'homeownership' since it is being put on by social services and is being called In-Sync parenting: strengthening the parent child bond...hmmmmm. I am keeping an open mind, or rather, I'm trying desperately hard to keep an open mind. These little classes put on my social service rarely align with our thoughts and actions pertaining to parenting such as Attachment Parenting. But, we'll see! At any rate, it's only two hours long and it's an important part of our partnership with Habitat.

Oh yeah, not only is it my favourite time of year...it's also a kickoff to a run of Birthdays over the next few months. Here's Septembers lineup!!
-ME!!! on the 12th
-my Grandma on the 14th
-Kayla on the 15th
-Auntie Cherie on the 19th
-Nana's birthday would've been on the 28th(that is going to be a difficult day)
Nothing planned for my birthday, the kids want to bake me a WF/CF birthday cake, so we may do that. I'm totally oblivious to my birthday and sometimes even forget my age, it feels strange to say "Ya, I'll be 31" since I clearly remember MY parents being 'in their thirties'!!lol
Oh well, the old adage stands true "You're only as old as you think you are" !!

On that note, have a blessed day!!