Thursday, October 1, 2009

$75 Grocery Challenge Update and other happenings.......

So we did it! We managed to stay within our budget of $1190 for the month, which is about 40% less than we would have had if I was still babysitting my friends daughters. This month it's a little bit higher since I do not have the Used Toy and Clothing sale or Bill's licence and renewal to worry about, but still it's much less than before! I discovered that it's very possible to do and manage it just takes a lot of effort and time. This month I plan to follow the same plan as last month since it worked so well last month. I also have to plan for Thanksgiving dinner next weekend!!YUM! I need to practice and figure out how to make a GF/DF pumpkin pie, which I am fairly certain I can do. 

Speaking of grocery's that time again! Last night we went to the Costco near our house...ugh, we will not be doing that again. We'll make the trip to the one farther away. Tonight it's Superstore!

Oh yes, the Used Toy and Clothing went pretty well. Although I was robbed! I had about 4-5 prs of pants stolen and I'm 99.99% sue of who did it, but what can I do? I will however be on the lookout in the spring sale. I was pretty certain this same woman stole a few things at my last sale, but I think I was in denial that someone would actually steal at a USED toy and clothing sale. Now, I know. SAD!!!! They had nothing for Alex or Breanna or Mariah and a few for Matthew. I did get Matthew a full piece snowsuit, but he still needs pants and some hoodies and a few long sleeve shirts. Breanna still needs a few things and Alex still needs some PJ's as well as Robbie. WHEW! Ah well, bit by bit it will come together!! Of course there was TONS for Kayla and Alyssa's age groups.....sooooo much in fact! They however, are good for clothing.

I went and saw my Grandma on Tuesday night. I had a nice visit with her gave her a little massage on her feet and legs, which I think she really enjoyed! They say she only has a few weeks left. My Grandmother however, is clueless. Dementia is weird that way I guess. We looked through some old pictures of hers and she was able to tell me who all the people were and where they were when the pic was taken. She was also able to recite a few school type poems to me for fun. She says the food stinks there. I'm going to miss her when she's gone, she is such a spicy sassy woman, even at 88 years old!

The temps are begining to drop her now. I don't mind it all that much. I like the thoughts of cozy cool nights. Hot tea, flannel jammies, warm baths, soft fluffy blankies, and warm yummy snacks! Then of course, the BAKING!!! Whoohoo!! I have so much on the go and in the planning stages for that. I also have to get my rear end in gear to make other various Christmas gifts for friends and family!! So much to do!!

Well, I'm going to wrap up this post since I have to more to get up as well on here and an email to send!!



Kelly said...

I need you to help me with the grocery thing! We are SO broke right now, still trying to make up for lost $ from our vacation. And we are moving, and our new place will cost us about $400 more a month, so I'm a little scared. But I'm hoping to be able to figure out some areas I can save in, like food. I've thought of getting Mary's book, but we seriously can't afford ANY extras right now! I do want to get her books eventually though. But yeah, I need your wisdom and help!