Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know that sounds somewhat absurd coming from someone who has seven children, but whoa. The other night I was up with Breanna a million billion too many to count times with her teeth. I was at first thinking if it was something I ate, as any Mama with an allergy stricken nursling will tell you can cause for an awful night should you eat an offending food. Then after nursing her for the millionth time (she just kept coming off and on her latch) I decided that it must be just her teeth, which she now has two pearly white razor sharp teeth peeking from her gums. Last night she slept, ALL NIGHT. Her brother however, did not. His excuse, NOTHING!
I have no idea what was up with him, he was up every hour. I tried him in our bed and he kicked the daylights out of me, stole my pillow, stole my blanket, kneed me in the stomach, smacked me in the face, launched his head into the small of my back, and pulled my hair. I decided that if he was just going to do those things, he could go back to his bed and submit his stuffed animals to the abuse. I did this no less than 8 times. I sat with him and tried to talk to him, but he would just flop over and crash.

Yesterday morning as he lay snuggling me, HE complained about ME! "Mommy, stop movving yer feet", "Mommy stop it" and finally I said "Matthew I am just breathing, not moving at all" his reply? "Mommy stop yer breefing it tis bugging my sleeping" *sigh*

Suffice to say, I am sooooo tired. I was supposed to go to my local AP meeting tonight, but I had to email Kelly and cancel, I am just to wiped and come this evening, I am certain it will be worse!

Good thing I can pretty much bake with my eyes closed, since I am baking bread and pumpkin pie today, and hopefully some cinnamon buns.


Cherbear said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I want cinnamon buns!!!!! :)

I wish I could help you with the sleep thing!!!!

Love Cherie

Rebekah said...

I hope you've been getting more restful nights of sleep! How frustrating! Just think of all those "empty nest" nights to come when things will be TOO quiet. Kinda makes you appreciate the noises a bit more. :-) Have a blessed week, dear friend! I've missed you!!