Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Been a Long Time........

Well, I've dusted the cobwebs and swept out the dustbunnies around here!!
I cannot believe it's been 5 months since my last update! FIVE months!! Gah!

There is no way to really catch up that much time on here, so I will just start from the last month.


Near the end of February, I exposed Matthew, Mariah and Kayla to the Chicken Pox. I had actually exposed Breanna as well, but it didn't take. So, on March 12th it all began. Matthew was first with spots and then the next day it was Mariah. On the Wednesday Kayla sprouted them, but nothing on Breanna!
Of course, hanging around with three poxied kids did the trick! Breanna sprouted hers on the 25th.
Everyone is healing up nicely, with various little scabs here and there. Breanna has thr freshest batch of scabs.
They all did really well, and I am so glad to get that over and done with for them. Matthew had the mildest case of them all, with only about 500 or so spots. The girls each had at least 1000 and had them everywhere. Mouths, eyelids, ears, noses, private parts, in between the fingers and toes and on the palms of thier hands. OUCH! Amazingly, not one of them had a fever! They each had a rough day in between the 48-72 hour period when all the blisters are popping and the blisters are very itchy, but other than that, it went really smoothly.
Alex, Alyssa, and Robbie all had it exactly 10 years ago. So now everyone has received a good 'booster' until hopefully somewhere down the road we can be exposed again and refresh our immune systems.
Here's some pics from the adventure:
Kayla on day 2
Mariah and Breanna (Mariah was on day 4)

Kayla's back on day 2

Breanna on day 2

Matthew on day 2
It was a long 2 weeks, but well worth it.


Lori-Dawn said...

oh man! don't you know you're supposed to post this sort of thing at the beginning of the ordeal so others can benefit as well??? lol
I've been trying to expose my kids to chicken pox for the past 9 Glad it is over and done with for you though! It can't be very fun!

Kelly said...

Sorry to give you such a potent case. =) Judith had TONS of spots too, while Ruthie and Gideon only had a few. I'm glad it worked out for you guys!

Lisa said...

I was wondering if you'd ever be back! Post more!!!

Avital said...

Chicken pox are hard to come by the natural way these days with most people being vaccinated. Glad they got good doses and it went well!

Anonymous said...
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